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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a resume

Member of a board of a group that supports abortion services.

Ignores Church teaching.

Ignores the mandate of Catholic bishops.

Supports scandalous plays in an academic atmosphere.

Ignores Ex corde Ecclesiae.

Gives awards to pro-abortion politicians.

So what is this person qualified for? President of a Catholic University? Of Course!

Once again Notre Dame leads the way. Yes, Jenkins was appointed to a second 5 year term as President of Notre Dame. Unbelievable! So very disappointing!

I had held out some small hope that Jenkins was just working on his own. Unfortunately, this latest move by the trustees endorses all of his actions and makes them morally culpable with him. I must admit that, at least for the present, Notre Dame is lost. It can no longer be called a Catholic university. What a tragedy! If only they would remove the name.

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