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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Loss

I have determined that Missouri has two seasons. Wet and humid. That’s it, nothing else. It is not unusual to receive 1-2 inches overnight. The news reports flooded roadways the way most cities report traffic jams. Not that the humidity has decreased, but at least now you can see it as it falls from the sky. The good news is that I think I am about ready to be honored with my first pair of water wings and webbed feet. I think Jesus spent some time in Missouri in His youth which is why he went to the desert for 40 days. He was just trying to dry out.

We had our first loss as a class this past weekend. One of our classmates discerned that he was not called to the priesthood and withdrew from the seminary. This was a very difficult decision for him I am sure. He said that he has been pondering this question for the last 11 months and felt he was making the right decision. This was a difficult time for all of us. Since we live, eat, study and pray together a significant bond occurs within a class. The loss is difficult but necessary from time to time. I am however, glad that men feel that they can come to the seminary to discern their call and are free to leave if the priesthood is not right for them. I hope and pray that all catholic young men understand this and feel free to enter the seminary to explore this call without the fear of undo expectations. All people need to understand that true discernment can only take place fully in the seminary. Leaving the seminary is not something to be looked at as bad, but rather an acknowledgement of true discipleship. Following God’s will is not always easy, but it is always necessary. We keep our brother in our prayers as he makes this transition to his new life outside these walls. May God continue to send workers to His harvest.

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