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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Where does the time go? I knew that it had been some time since I last posted, but GOOD GRIEF…Thanksgiving? Well, since then I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, am on my way to Theology and I am currently assigned to Corpus Christi Parish in Colorado Springs for the summer….
7 months and that’s the best I can do? Sounds so…small. So now that you are all caught up on the doings in my life…
I am enjoying the time here at Corpus Christi. The people are wonderful and the Pastor is keeping me busy. I prefer it that way. Better than sitting around trying to find something to do. My first full week here I spent assisting the Totus Tuus team. We had the elementary kids from 9-3 and the middle school and high school kids every evening. If you don’t know what Totus Tuus is, go HERE.
Now I am keeping busy in the day to day life of the parish. I am looking at the budget to see where we can reduce expenses and increase return/income. We are starting to prepare for the upcoming school year and will start a new principle for Corpus Christi School the first of July. Between helping out at the parish, visiting parishioners, and planning some of the seminarian activities, I am keeping quite busy. It is hard to believe that next week will mark my half-way point for this assignment.
I will try to get back to regular postings again. Thanks for bearing with me and most of all thank you for the support of your prayers. Talk to you soon.
P.S. I have updated some of the other items on this site i.e. my counter, music, etc. so please look around - JS

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